Who We Are

Majic Messengers is a platform dedicated to sharing the brave and inspiring stories of families facing the unthinkable.  Through our unique partnership with Give Kids The World Village, we’re able to document the significance and beauty behind the journeys of children with critical illnesses.

"It’s truly remarkable to see these kids and their family members find happiness in spite of what would seem like an impossible task. It never ceases to amaze me."

Michael Stratton

What We Do

We deliver messages of hope, bravery, & inspiration through the heroic stories of families who have children with critical illnesses. We conduct one-on-one interviews with each family to capture the real magic behind living a hopeful life in the moment.

"Growing up around Give Kids The World and witnessing their mission come to life before my eyes was magical. These families are facing the unthinkable, and you'd never know it, because all you see is smiles and all you hear is laughter."

Michael Stratton

Why We Do It

We want to bring more awareness to childhood illnesses and struggles. Majic Messengers gives these remarkable families a voice, a chance to have their story told – it’s a way for them to be recognized for all the sleepless nights, heartache, anxiety, and the prospect of an unknown future.

Photo by Chris Glenn

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