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Majic Messengers


You’re Where You’re Meant to Be

“Never lose hope, and do the best you can — that’s all you can do” Photo by Chris Glenn “Silas has never met a stranger. From the very beginning he has had a passion for people. He may sit back and watch for a few minutes to figure out how to get in on a conversation, but once he does, he and his heart spread wide open for everyone to see. He’s also a lover of all things boy. Silas loves being outside climbing trees, swimming, and fishing — a real rough and tumble kind of kid. And just like I was at his age, he loves sports. At two

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A Whole-Hearted Blessing

“If you spend every day thinking about what could go wrong, the day is gone” Photo by Chris Glenn “The name Caleb, I found out later, has a meaning in Hebrew: “wholehearted.” At the time, I had no idea how fitting this name would be. Born prematurely at 29 weeks with his twin sister, Claire, it was clear that something was wrong early when he didn’t want to breathe. It was Claire we were all worried about during pregnancy, but while she came into the world crying like a little lamb, her brother stayed silent. Even after he was discharged to come home after a difficult stay in the NICU

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A Little Hero

“Never be afraid to follow your child’s happiness” Photo by Chris Glenn “Aaliyah loves macaroni and cheese, she loves the movie Moana and Christmas, she loves music and dancing to Ladybug and Cat Noir, and she loves Minnie Mouse and wearing her special Minnie Mouse shoes. She has a jolly spirit and always finds a way to be happy, even when I’m not. Little does she know right now, but to me she’s not just my little three-year-old girl, my little miracle. To me, she is so much more. She’s my hero. Photos by Chris Glenn I see in her now the same spirit that kept her smiling and laughing

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Photo by Chris Glenn

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